Zoning Board of Appeals

Meeting Dates

7:00 pm

First Thursday of the month

City Council Chambers

For a complete printable version of the meeting dates view Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Calendar.

Note: All meeting dates are tentative and subject to change. Alternate date third Thursday of each month.

Zoning Board of Appeals Authority

The Zoning Board of Appeals has the authority to modify the requirements of the ordinance in situations where unusual conditions of the property would cause unnecessary hardship or practical difficulty to the property owner if the ordinance were strictly enforced.


Term Expires
Mark Burley
December 31, 2019
Mark Stimac
December 31, 2019
Francis Farina
December 31, 2019
Joseph ChimentiDecember 31, 2021
Rosanne Menendez
December 31, 2021
Bob Logan
December 31, 2020
Dale Hunt
December 31, 2020