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Proposed Cuts to Balance Adopted 2017-2018 Budget

The City of Fraser is facing a $1.9 million deficit in the upcoming 2017-2018 budget. The deficit is due to a failing 3-3 motion during City Council Meeting on June 8th 2017 to pass PA33, a needed tax increase of 5 mils. This tax increase would be approximately $350.00 per year on a home worth $140k. Information on PA33 can be found here: Information on PA33

To balance the budget without PA33, these services will be eliminated or severely diminished:

Severe cuts to the Department of Public Safety, including elimination of all the following: 6 public safety officers, school liaison officer at Fraser High School, Special Investigations Unit, SWAT position in the Macomb County SWAT team, Honor Guard, and the Juvenile officer. This will eliminate public safety programs and that help to educate and protect the community.

Elimination of the Recreation and Senior departments, including all Youth, Adult and Senior Programs, Recreation Special Events, Senior Transportation and daily Senior Activities, as well as all pavilion, building, and field rentals.

Also eliminated would be all capital improvements to city buildings, including updates to the Fraser Library, and elimination of a clerical employee from both the Finance and Building departments.

Elimination of the Parks and Recreation will have an effect of losing program revenues and grant funds. Also affected will be a drastic reduction in revenues from Drug and Gambling Forfeiture acquisitions, and reduction in revenue from fines due to less officers patrolling the city.

For Reports on the breakdown of eliminations and reports on the Public Safety and Recreation and Senior center departments, please click here

  • Proposed Police Cuts
  • Proposed Recreation and Senior Elimination Report
  • Report from City Manager Wayne O’Neal

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to respond Questions/Concerns Form.  Please add your contact information if you wish to be contacted. Responses once submitted will go to City Council, City Administration, and Recreation Commissioners.