Building Inspections

It is the permit holder's responsiblity to insure inspections are called in, completed, and approved. Failure to call in inspection in a timely manner may result in forfieture of bonds, and/or ordinance violations.

New Commercial and Industrial Inspections:
1. Footing (site location)
2. Rough structure (per design specifications)
3. Crock to iron(plumbing) and DPW (inspection of out fall line)
4. Interior and Exterior sand and forms for cement.
5. Rough plumbing, electrical, and mechanical.
6. Interior partitions (offices)
7. Site completion
8. Final plumbing, electrical, and mechanical.
9. Fire Marshal requirements
10. Final building for Certificate of Occupancy.

Residential New Home Inspections:
1. Footing (site location)
2. Crock to Iron (plumbing) and DPW (Inspection of out fall line)
3. Back-fill (after basement is waterproofed and drainage is in place)
4. Rough plumbing, electrical, and mechanical
5. Basement stone and garage sand inspection (prior to pouring concrete)
6. Rough building
7. Insulation
8. Drywall (prior to taping)
9. Final building for Certificate of Occupancy

Remodel/ Addition/ Inspections:
1. Footings
2. Rough electrical, plumbing, and mechanical
3. Rough building
4. Insulation
5. Drywall
6. Final electrical, plumbing, and mechanical
7. Final building for bond release

Garages and Shed Inspections:
1. Rat wall and footings
2. Rough and final electrical (if required)
3. Rough and final building (bond release)

1. Footing
2. Electrical final (if required)
3. Final building inspection.

1. Provide utility clearances prior to issuances of permit.
2. Provide certificate of insurance.
3. Footing removal inspection prior to filling.
4. Final for bond release (to verify the site is clean and adequately drained)

Swimming Pool/ Hot tubs:
1. Location (if in-ground pool)
2. Electrical final
3. Plumbing final
4. Mechanical final if the pool is heated.
4. Building final for bond release.

1. Post hole and ledger board (p-stone and visqueen)
2. Final for bond release.

Roofs with tear-offs:
1. Open roof
2. Final for bond release.