Criminal and Traffic Divisions

Traffic Division:

The Fraser traffic division handles civil infractions and misdemeanors punishable by less than 93 days.   If you have received a ticket, you must pay or contact the court within ten (10) calendar days.  Matters that are court only will receive a notice in the mail.   If you need to request a court date, are not sure of your ticket type, or need assistance, contact a court clerk at (586) 447-4472.  Please advise the Court if your address is different than the one listed on your ticket.

Failure to respond to a civil infraction may result in a default judgment and a late fee.  Failure to respond to a misdemeanor or appear at your court date may result in a bench warrant.  Payments not made within fifty-six (56) days of the due date are subject to a 20% penalty fee.

If you received your ticket in the City of Roseville, contact the Roseville Traffic Division at (586) 447-4410

Criminal Division:

Misdemeanors punishable by 93 days but less than 1 year are handled through the Criminal Division.  All Felony cases that originate out of the Cities of Roseville or Fraser start in the District Court. Criminal dockets are held on Wednesday. Felony cases are scheduled for preliminary exam and will be bound over to the 16th Judicial Circuit Court if the defendant waives his/her right to a preliminary examination or if the examination is held and probable cause is found that 1) a crime was committed, and 2) defendant was involved in the crime. Other possible disposition of these types of cases include dismissal or reduction to a lesser included charge. Please call (586) 447-4430 to speak with a criminal clerk


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