Curbside Recycling

Acceptable Items

Curbside recycling is continuing in the City of Fraser. The items that can be placed in the recycling bins are as follows:

  • #1 and #2 plastics (flattened)
  • Cardboard (flatten cardboard and cut into pieces)
  • Glass jars and bottles (clear, green, and brown)
  • Household plastics (#3 - #7) empty containers only
  • Kitchen cookware (pots and pans)
  • Metal and aluminum cans (flattened)
  • Newspapers (bundled or in brown paper bags)
  • Phone books (no glossy covers)
  • New items added to our recycle program (see below): Paper Cups & CartonsRecycle Flier

Please remember to rinse out all containers and remove the labels if possible before placing them in your bin.

Drop off Items

Lithium batteries can be dropped off at the bin in City Hall during normal business hours. Regular alkaline batteries can be disposed of in your trash.

If you need assistance with the large container on wheels, please call Green For life (GFL) Services at 1-866-772-8900.

Latex paint can be placed out with regular refuse as long as the paint is dried up with sand or kitty litter. Oil based paint along with medical waste, flammable liquids, and household cleaners must be taken to the Macomb County Hazardous Waste Division.