Cross Connection

Cross Connection Business Inspection

The Public Works Department conducts annual cross connection inspections at all of the city's industrial and commercial locations. This is done to prevent possible backups to the system, which could contaminate the city's potable (suitable for drinking) water supply. Cost connection inspection fees are $50 for initial inspection and $30 for each additional re-inspection.

Cross Connection Residential Inspection

The City of Fraser has contracted with HydroCorp of Troy, MI to perform the State of Michigan mandated Cross Connection Control Program. The purpose of the Cross Connection Control Program is to help eliminate possible contamination of the public water distribution system. Residents who have received the cross connection control-appointment request notice, please click on Cross Connection Control -Appointment Request Notice Posted on 3-14-2022 for reference. HydroCorp

To learn more about Protecting the safety of your homes drinking water please click on  HydroCorp Flyer.  Any questions or concerns please contact HydroCorp at (844)-493-7641.  

Notice to residents:

Below are a list of street names that are going to be inspected for this year(2022), for District 1.
HydroCorp will be performing all mandated inspections. Please note if your street name is not listed then your house will not be inspected by the Cross Connection Control Program this year. Any questions or concerns please contact HydroCorp at (844)-493-7641.  

Cristini Ct.
Deepwood Ct’s
Eberlein Dr
15 Mile Rd
Flower Hill
French Creek
Garfield Rd
Hidden Pine Dr
Sugar Maple
White Oak
Windemere Ct.